Commercial Window Cleaning

Super Hero Window Cleaners

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Your windows provide a snapshot into your business – and from the sidewalk, they’re the best marketing tool your property can ask for. My High Rise Guy specializes in commercial window cleaning that gets your glass gleaming.

Scalable Window Cleaning

From small businesses to multi-story properties, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians deliver the best in window cleaning – and we make the process simple for you.

When you choose My High Rise Guy, you’re getting:

  • Interior window cleaning
    Our team protects your workspace and delivers a streak-free solution. We clean dirt, fingerprints, and other imperfections that are compromising your view.
  • Exterior window cleaning
    We are equipped with all of the technology to safely and effectively clean your windows. From one story to five floors, we make every window on every level sparkling clean.

Not Your Average Window Cleaning Service

Our team appreciates the value of clean windows – and we also know what goes into a successful and safe service.

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  • Water purification systems that ensure spotless results without depositing mineral buildup. Our water-fed technology uses reverse osmosis to achieve this goal.
  • Water-fed pole cleaning that allows us to reach the highest windows… all while keeping our feet on the ground.
  • Traditional cleaning with a squeegee, ladder and elbow grease are used when a window needs hands-on cleaning attention.
  • Safety systems that keep your property and our technicians secure throughout the cleaning process. We are equipped with:
    • Hydraulic access, including scissor and aerial boom lifts
    • Cradle work, including platforms, scaffolding, and suspended cradles
    • Rope access equipped with descending placement and fall arrest


Safety is our priority. That’s why we start every window cleaning service with an assessment. This helps up determine the best way to service your property. With the best tools and technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to adjust a window cleaning service to meet the unique needs of your business.


The Sky’s the Limit

It might be a cliche, but it’s true! My High Rise Guy has cleaned windows for businesses that stretch 38 stories, and some of our technicians have worked with 55 story buildings. Our foreman event assisted with window cleaning for Burj Khalifa, which taps in as the tallest building in the world at 163 floors!

Moral of the story: We welcome any window cleaning challenge, no matter how high up the job takes us.

Streak-Free Windows

We know that clean windows make a difference for your business. That’s why our professionals are proud to bring the highest level of clean to your property. We welcome a challenge – and we love an opportunity to make your property stand out.

Our team doesn’t cut corners. We deliver a comprehensive solution with the quality you can count on. When you choose My High Rise Guy, you’re investing in:

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  • EPA compliance with our wastewater recovery system and earth-friendly cleaners
  • Expert technicians who are bonded, insured and licensed
  • Transparent pricing that fits your budget
  • Safety practices approved by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)


Commercial Window Cleaning Gallery

Benefits from Top to Bottom

Clean windows set the stage for a successful workplace. Every industry can benefit from a bright, inviting interior, and research proves that the benefits go deeper than appearances.

With a regular window cleaning service on your calendar, your property will enjoy direct and indirect benefits including:

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  • Better productivity
    Researchers from Northwestern University shows that the presence of natural light creates a more productive and positive workspace.
  • Better health
    The same researchers also found a strong correlation between the amount of natural light in an office and the quality of life, sleep patterns, and overall health of employees.
  • Better ambience
    Nothing beats natural light. And when you can use it as the primary light source in your interior, the entire space will benefit.
  • Better cost savings
    Clean windows let in more sunlight – and this comes with two benefits. Natural light reduces the need for your heating system just as it reduces reliance on artificial lighting. The result: You conserve energy and save money.


From dirty to spotless – that’s the My High Rise Guy journey! With our commercial window cleaning, we bring better curb appeal, improved interior ambiance, and even lower energy costs to your property.