Specialized Maintenance

Specialized Maintenance

Your property’s cleaning needs aren’t always “ordinary.” They don’t always fall under a conventional pressure washing category. And when that’s the case, My High Rise Guy is here to serve you.

Complete Specialist Exterior Cleaning

Our specialized maintenance and cleaning services are designed to bring out the best in every aspect of your property. With superior care from our professionals, you can always feel confident that your exterior is getting the expert attention you need. We offer:

  • Solar Panel Cleaning
    We provide a professional cleaning solution that maximizes the functionality, longevity, and efficiency of your solar panels. Using specialized cleaners and soft wash equipment, we ensure that your panels are curb appeal-friendly – and work to their best potential.
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
    For the food industry, effective kitchen cleaning isn’t just a benefit. It’s a safety concern. We deliver hood cleaning and detail cleaning that removes grease and other buildups. Your kitchen will be code compliant, clean, and safe.
  • Pool Tiles and Deck Cleaning
    We make your pool as inviting as it is safe! Our cleaners kill mold and mildew buildup, while our pressure washing equipment removes slick debris. It’s the safer and the professional solution.
  • Tennis Court Cleaning
    Your property’s tennis court should be as inviting as it is safe. We deliver a specialized cleaning service that protects the integrity of your space – and brings out the best in its curb appeal potential.
  • Limited Access Cleaning
    Hard-to-reach areas? No problem. We have the equipment and expertise to address the cleaning needs of all those spaces that feel just out of reach. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs – and your My High Rise Guy solution.

Get Your Custom Specialized Cleaning Solution Today

Our team knows that a property’s cleaning needs can sometimes fall outside the box. If you have a pressure washing or exterior cleaning checkbox that needs a check mark, just get in touch. We will deliver a quality-driven solution that provides immediate curb appeal… and long-lasting results.