From the Naval Station to the waterfront, Norfolk is one of Virginia’s most vibrant communities. MyHighRiseGuy delivers comprehensive exterior cleaning that will make your property stand out. Whether you manage an apartment complex or a shopping center, our team will help you bring out the best in your Norfolk exterior with our Norfolk Pressure Washing Services!

A Solution for Every Story

There’s always an exterior cleaning solution at MyHighRiseGuy. Our team of specialists offer comprehensive services that invest in the safety, the curb appeal, and the quality of your building. Our Norfolk pressure washing clients count on us for:

  • Commercial services
    Government buildings and retail centers. Office parks and educational institutions. No matter what niche you fill in the Norfolk commercial or public sector, we have an exterior cleaning menu to match.
  • High-rise services
    We can safely address the high rise cleaning needs of virtually every building, which ensures that you’re getting exceptional quality at every single level.

Every service is framed by a rigorous safety protocol. It’s executed by trained and licensed technicians. And it’s supported by the best pressure washing technology in the industry. With our Norfolk exterior cleaning team on the job, you know you’re getting high caliber service for your building – at every single level.

One Stop Shop Norfolk Exterior Cleaning

Your Norfolk property should get quality, convenient service, and long-lasting results. Our team is proud to deliver all three in equal measure. We deliver a range of exterior cleaning services to the Norfolk community. including:

  • Pressure Washing
    With our industry-grade pressure washing service, every surface – from your sidewalk to your stairwell – gets a complete refresh.
  • Window Cleaning
    Our team specializes in high rise window cleaning, so you know you’re getting a spotless view at every level.
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
    Chewing gum, car leaks, and other stains are no match for our hot water pressure washing service.

Invest in quality, in reliability, and in efficiency with MyHighRiseGuy. Our Norfolk pressure washing and exterior cleaning services invest in your property for the long haul!