Virginia’s capitol. A city packed with rich history. An ever-evolving urban hub. There are a lot of faces to Richmond, and My High Rise Guy is proud to support the businesses who contribute to this vibrant community!

Expertise at Each Level

Curb appeal should start at the bottom – and it should stretch all the way to the top! That’s why our team offers scalable exterior cleaning services that invest in your property at every level. We tap into the industry’s best pressure washing and cleaning technology to ensure that your exterior is primed for success. Customers count on us for:

  • Commercial services
    Whether you own a shopping center or manage an office building, our team is here for you. We provide complete exterior cleaning for clients across every commercial sector. With our team, your property is always prepared to bring out the best in your business.
  • High-rise services
    Our team specializes in safe, effective, and efficient high rise cleaning services. We have the technology, the safety equipment, and the trained professionals who can achieve this pivotal part of your property’s maintenance plan with ease.

Complete Exterior Cleaning

Your Richmond property should stand out for the rightreasons – and that’s where our team can help. With My High Rise Guy, you’re always investing in complete care that will transform your exterior. Our team provides service with:

  • Pressure Washing
    We use advanced pressure washing equipment to remove everything from dirt to chewing gum from all your exterior surfaces, from your building exterior to your sidewalk.
  • Window Cleaning
    Our team delivers a streak-free guarantee that will make every window pane spotless. We used the industry’s best window cleaning technology to guarantee a flawless result.
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
    Every step of the customer experience matters, and we make this surface safe and welcoming with our complete pressure washing service.

Your Richmond property should feel like a beacon of quality. With My High Rise Guy, you’re investing in your customer experience – and your property value.